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Our Motto is Simple:

Remove Excess Merchandise - Create Space - Earn Credits


We acquire aging or unused surplus and/or obsolete merchandise from companies, schools, colleges and universities across the U.S.A.

This surplus is than utilized for any number of purposes such as research, re-habbed, donated to the needy and/or sold to fund programs. We are the ultimate GREEN society because we rehab and re-purpose just about everything.

We are certainly not a Liquidation Company. We strategically partner with management in order to find a solution to your old inventory problems...

You paid good money for equipment that is now old and most likely obsolete...You do not want to just give it away...You do not want to just throw it away...And you definitely do not want to pay someone to remove it..

So---what do you do??????

The answer....You partner with a company who's needs are aligned with yours....

Our approach is both unique and dynamic. Partnering with CFO's, CEO's, COO's, and CIO's across America: Moving at the Speed of Cyber Space........

Here is how it works:

1. eMail us a list of your aging equipment

2. We tell you how many credits we can offer you for it

3. Ship it to Us

4. We inventory it and further examine it for credit verification

5. You are notified of how many credits you have

6. You can than use credits towards services or solutions

7. SMILE....You just created value out of your obsolete and/or old equipment



Q. What are we looking for?

A. Anything that was used in a school or business setting that can be re-purposed and re-used to better humanity in some way. We can evaluate the list and tell you what we can (and can not) use.

Q. What can we purchase with Credits?

A. eMail us for full details; you might be amazed (

Q. How much is a Credit worth?

A. One credit is worth the equivalent of one dollar 

Q. How many credits can you use towards the purchase of service and/or support?

A. You can purchase services and/or support and pay for 75% of the overall total with credits. For example; if you purchase a $1000 you can pay 3/4 off with 750 credits and than would owe a balance of $250

***Email and get started 

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We promise to only send you good things.